Ресторан La Casa
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he Italian restaurant La Сasa is located in Kurlyandskaya Str., on the ground floor of the hotel Arealinn. Translated from the Italian language «La Сasa» means «a house», and this definition really corresponds with the new restaurant: it is lovely, cozy and feels like home.

The comfortable restaurant hall is designed for 45-50 visitors, and decorated in restrained bright tones; small wooden tables with white holiday tablecloth, beautiful serving – and nothing in excess, everything is simple but tasteful, in the style of truly Italian outlet. Sitting comfortably at the table and smelling the aroma of freshly cooked dishes, you can totally relax, have a good rest and, certainly, enjoy the delicious food.

As to the Italian food, the first association that one can have is the famous pasta of all stripes: pasta with various types of cheese, with greens, different dressings, vegetables, fish and others. Moreover, pasta itself has a variety of forms and types: spaghetti, rotini, rings, shells, cannelloni, ravioli and so on. In La Сasa all these dishes are cooked of Italian flour following the original Italian recipes.

There is a wood stove made of red bricks situated right in the restaurant hall where you can see your pizza being baked on an open fire!

It is also remarkable, that all the dishes in La Сasa are prepared in the open glazed kitchen, so you can watch the process of cooking! This is really fascinating and extraordinary!

35 Kurlyandskaya Str., St. Petersburg, 190020
(812) 703-15-77
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