Медицинский центр доктора Бубновского
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In a few years, thousands of patients managed to achieve positive results in the Dr. Bubnovsky’s medical centers, and certainly, they share this happiness with their relatives and friends. In addition, this advertising is the most valuable for us, as it represents the highest grading of our activity. We work according to the S.M. Bubnovsky’s methodology.

You will highly estimate the efficacy of our services! For this purpose, you only need to follow the individual program based on special training devices and follows simple recommendations at home. You have all the resources required for health recovery in your organism; you just need to start working on yourself.

It means to be actively working under specialist’s supervision who knows the seeds of these states and for this reason they create the RECOVERY history, and not the DISEASE history. This method is very effective in osteochondrosis, diskal hernia, arthritis, arthrosis, back pains and painful joints.

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